Looking at a Home on the Market?

Looking at a Home on the Market?

Schedule a pre-purchase inspection in Avon Lake, OH

You and your family are in search of a new home in the Avon Lake area. This is exciting news! But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the house you’re thinking about making your home is suitable for living. With a pre-purchase home inspection, you’ll know all the facts about your potential new home.

Is the gorgeous house on the market really your dream home or more of a nightmare? Contact Leading Edge Home Inspections, LLC to find out. We perform pre-purchase inspections in Avon Lake, OH and the surrounding areas.


Leading Edge Home Inspections offers same-day inspection reports. Our reports are detailed and easy to read. You’ll know of any problems with the home so that you can make a wise decision about moving forward with the purchase or withdrawing from the deal.

Make a wise investment for your family. Call us now to have a professional inspector perform a thorough pre-purchase inspection in Avon Lake, Ohio.