Worried About Hidden Problems in Your New Lakewood, OH Home?

You should’ve scheduled an inspection with Leading Edge

Scenario 1: You’re unpacking all the boxes in your new property when you notice a crack in your ceiling, leaky pipes in the kitchen and electrical problems. Now, you’re stuck in a home riddled with costly repair issues.

Scenario 2: You’re ready to sell your home and make a move, but the prospective buyer has a list of repairs they want completed before they agree to purchase the property.

You could’ve avoided these headaches with an inspection from Leading Edge Home Inspections, LLC.

Our inspector utilizes years of experience to check your home from foundation to roof.

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Arm yourself with all the info you need

Whether you’re buying a new home or selling your current one, you won’t regret choosing Leading Edge Home Inspections for an inspection in the Lakewood, OH area. You’ll receive an extensive report detailing all of our findings within 24 hours of your inspection.

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